Raw: Charlotte Flair and Doudrop had a pretty competitive match

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Raw: Charlotte Flair and Doudrop had a pretty competitive match

Bobby Lashley does a promo where he says WWE Champion will be back tonight. AJ STYLES VS MATT RIDDLE Riddle immediately sends the opponent into the corner and hits him with a dropkick and senton, then AJ hits him in the knee and knocks him to the ground.

Backbreaker by AJ Styles and returning from commercials we see Pele Kick by Riddle, a very interesting challenge, new Pele Kick and both are on the ground. AJ Styles' Moonsault and catches him with a Calf Killer, Matt reacts with kicks and knees, tries the RKO but AJ blocks him and closes with Burning Hammer and then Styles Clash.

AJ wins and at the end of the match Omos chokeslam against poor Riddle. Charlotte Flair and Doudrop had a pretty competitive match on WWE RAW this week that went back and forth. And then Eva Marie would ruin the moment by striding in and bringing an end to the proceedings.

CHARLOTTE FLAIR VS DOUDROP (WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP) She immediately tries a Charlotte suplex, Doudrop responds with a Chop, senton and is ready to attack but is distracted by the appearance of Eva Marie, Flair hits her and closes with a Natural Selection.

Raw: Charlotte Flair and Doudrop had a pretty competitive match

At the end of the match, Eva Marie rejoices as if she had won and even Charlotte Flair hits her! Shayna Baszler also enters who totally assaults Eva Marie, hits her with the Kirikuda Clutch and then continues to asphalt the unfortunate woman to the delight of the public.

We are ready for the Main Event BOBBY LASHLEY VS BIG E (STEEL CAGE MATCH FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP) Lashley attacks Big E as he is entering and sends him onto the steel steps, after two minutes the two enter the cage and immediately Lashley's outstretched arm.

sends the opponent to the ground, immediately tries the Spear but fails and starts to react Big E. Lashley knocks him down but tries quite 'badly' to climb the ladder, Big E seems in control and tries to climb the cage but just when he seems one step away from success, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin intervene again.

The rest of the New Day also intervenes, meanwhile in the Lashley ring spear but the count is only close to three, Big E's big Ending and identical situation, the match lives on moments and towards the final Big E hits Lashley several times and performs the Big Ending from the rope!

Decisive Pin and Big E remains champion! At the end of the match comes Drew McIntyre who looks at the champion and sharpens his sword! A new feud on the way?