Riddle takes a shot at Goldberg


Riddle takes a shot at Goldberg

Riddle is among the wrestlers who have been least affected by the effects of the global pandemic, capable of disrupting the whole world in the last year and a half. The 'King of Bros' has managed to express all his talent on the main roster, taking away even more satisfaction than he did during his time at NXT.

The strange and bizarre alliance with a legend of the caliber of Randy Orton has helped him to grow further, so much so that today Matt represents one of Raw's undisputed certainties. In the episode of the red brand that went on stage this week, Bill Goldberg was back for the first time since SummerSlam.

The former Universal champion has reiterated his intentions of revenge against Bobby Lashley, guilty of brutally assaulting his son Gage during the most important PPV of the summer. Despite being an icon of this business, not everyone loves Goldberg's style.

During the last episode of 'Out of Character', Riddle admitted that he was never a big fan of Bill.

Riddle talks about Goldberg

"There is great respect between me and Goldberg, I want to clarify this aspect before expressing my point of view" - began Riddle.

“I've never had anything to say about the impact Bill has had on the professional wrestling industry. However, I've never been a fan of his style in the ring. I like his promos, I like the way he talks, I like his moves, but I don't like watching him meet him.

I much prefer other types of superstars. At the same time, I respect his aura and everything he has done to increase the popularity of the WWE," explained 'The Original Bro' During his WWE career, the 54-year-old from Tulsa scored 313 wins out of 365 matches, as well as being undefeated for 456 consecutive days.

The four-time world champion, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame three years ago, has a contract that ties him to Vince McMahon's federation until 2023. Big E thinks his world title win has opened the door for a match with Goldberg in the future.

The New Day member, while discussing his current run as WWE Champion on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, stated that it's nice to have a fresh challenge following his huge world title win. He believes there's a possibility of him potentially facing WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg in the future.

"It's nice that, you know, there are a bunch of things that I never... you know, like the Goldberg match. When I was making my stupid little comments about 'big, meaty men', I never really thought I'd get the Goldberg match. But now I sit in a position where if I can make enough noise, he's still under contract, we can get that done," said Big E.