Seth Rollins discusses his role in WWE

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Seth Rollins discusses his role in WWE

When we talk about Seth Rollins we are certainly dealing with one of the most important WWE stars of recent years. The 'Messiah', who spoke during Stone Cold's Broken Skull Sessions show Steve Austin, told several anecdotes about his experience in the first wrestling company in the world.

In particular, in November 2015, the wrestler was hit by a serious knee injury, a situation that also forced him to give up the WWE Championship and Rollins revealed that he had totally different ideas about his return, months later, in the company.

In fact, Seth Rollins saw himself returning as a Babyface and wanted to become the idol of the fans while Vince Mcmahon and all those who ran the company opted instead for his return as Heel, as in fact happened in May 2016 against Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins' words about his role in WWE

Seth Rollins recently revealed that WWE ended The Shield’s storyline with CM Punk due to the group’s impressive debut. The Shield feuded with Superstars including Daniel Bryan and John Cena during their first few months on WWE’s main roster.

A year after their debut, they lost a three-on-one handicap match against Cm Punk at the TLC pay-per-view in December 2013. Continuing the wrestler spoke like this: "The nom fans still accepted Roman as the top babyface champion and didn't seem like they were ready for it.

I was coming back for the title I had never lost and it all made perfect sense. I thought I was going to come back as Babyface, but the company thought totally differently from me and that in some ways disturbed me enough. I had long imagined being hailed as a Babyface by fans and was ready for momentum into my realm.

I felt ready." A month after his return on that occasion, in Money in the Bank 2016, Seth Rollins managed to beat the then champion Roman Reigns and at the same time Dean Ambrose intervened to cash in the briefcase and thus become the third member of the Shield to hold the title nor the course of the same night." During the show, Seth Rollins then revealed that there had been a complicated period with the company and that he felt that Vince McMahon and all the management did not feel trust in him and that he did everything to persuade them to change their mind.

The Shield became one of WWE’s most popular acts between their debut in November 2012 and their break-up in June 2014.

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