Is The Undertaker Done with The WWE?

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Is The Undertaker Done with The WWE?

There are a few wrestlers that never want to retire! The only thing that keeps them out of action is injury, age or the promotion telling them that their time is up. A wrestler can only perform if he/she is physically fit. Most athletes slow down with age!

In order to deliver a good product, a wrestling promotion must organize matches that will entertain the audience. They can’t do that if the wrestlers involved fail to deliver. Wrestlers need to perform a number of different high risk moves that can be extremely dangerous it not executed properly.

An old wrestler simply can’t take those risks and usually takes a longer time to recover from injuries. The Undertaker is a long time WWE employee, and is probably the best wrestler of all time. He also had arguably the best character in the history of professional wrestling.

However, age is now becoming a problem for the legend and he might not say an in-ring performer for long. Recently, The Undertaker has removed all WWE affiliations from his social accounts and instead is now open for bookings!

This is huge news! Could it be that The Undertaker is done with the WWE? According to some reports, the WWE has no plans of The Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania. It is also true that The Undertaker might simply not want to compete in a ring anymore due to his age.