Bronson Reed had signed a deal with WWE prior to his release


Bronson Reed had signed a deal with WWE prior to his release

In recent months, WWE has devoted a lot of time to "spring cleaning", with several athletes from the main roster and NXT being released and with them also several executives and several other personalities within the Stamford company, including employees, road agents, workers and various professionals.

One of the top names that WWE wanted to make out of NXT, responds to the name of Bronson Reed, former North American champion of the yellow show of the company, who just a few months earlier had even signed a new agreement with the Stamford-based company, the which tied him or should have tied him to WWE for another three years, as confessed by the former WWE athlete himself.

Everything was revealed in the last speech made by Bronson in the interview with him, to the microphones of the well-known journalist Chris Van Vliet, for the Insight column, just a few hours ago.

Bronson Reed and the contract signed before release

Multiple WWE superstars from NXT and the main roster have been released this year by Vince McMahon's company.

One such name is Bronson Reed. Bully Ray believes getting rid of Reed was the wrong call and it could have happened because he is 'too heavy.' ''Maybe Vince looks like a guy like Reed, and says 'he's too heavy' Because Vince does have that.

He wants his wrestlers to look the part. Be in cosmetic shape. Look like you belong on TV. I've never been a huge believer in that,'' said Ray. In his speech, the massive wrestler on whom Triple H was betting a lot, in fact wanted to say: "I started in early 2019 with a 3 year agreement.

Earlier this year, I signed a new agreement for another three years. I practically didn't have time to sign it, that not even half a year later, I was released. Even the fact of having put me in that position on the card, for how I had been used, nothing made me think that the release would come." The person who was most surprised of his release was Bronson Reed himself, like all the other WWE licensees, who were warned only a few hours before some show in which they should have appeared, such as Lana, Aleister.

Black, Braun Strowman and several other athletes. Apparently, WWE should be done with the cuts for the time being, even though this 2020-2021 biennium has been literally devastating from the point of view of releases, cuts and layoffs. We hope that in the future of all these athletes there may be some much better projects and programs for them.

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