New details on Randy Orton's absence

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New details on Randy Orton's absence

In the last episodes of Monday Night Raw, one of the most used athletes by the Stamford-based company was certainly Randy Orton, one of the two pair champions of the red show, who a few weeks ago had even gone against Bobby Lashley, trying to snatch the title of WWE champion from the hips, only to lose against him, with Big E who had instead succeeded in his enterprise, to cash in his briefcase on the All Mighty.

After winning the couple titles with Riddle, against the former champions: Aj Styles and Omos, the two continued their battle with the two heels, even if in the last episode of the red show, Randy Orton remained out of the scene, without a valid reason at the storyline and kayfabe level.

Apparently, however, several sites in the sector would have found the motivation, going to dig among the anonymous sources of the company, which always leave fresh news about the Superstars and the federation insiders.

Latest update on Randy Orton

According to reports from the well-known overseas website PW Insider, WWE would have kept its champion Raw tag team out for physical problems.

As reported in an update of the site, in fact: "WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Randy Orton was not in the last tapings of Monday night on Raw, PWInsider confirmed it. The words that emerged from the backstage were those that 'he was not declared able to fight'".

It is not known at the moment what The Viper found, the only certain thing is that his last match, arrived on WWE televisions on September 20, with the fight against AJ Styles being the last time Orton was been seen in the company rings.

We do not know if Orton's physical problem is due to an injury or a surgical operation to which he will have to undergo, the only thing we know is that he was unable to get into the WWE ring last Monday. If new details arrive, you will obviously be kept up to date on our newsboard.

The report also noted that Orton wasn't backstage at this week's episode of RAW, which is interesting since he would have been expected to be there as a former Champion. Ahead of Money in the Bank earlier this year, Randy Orton went on a lengthy hiatus after failing to qualify for the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match.

WWE failed to publicly reveal a reason why Orton was missing from WWE at the time and instead rumors spread about Orton's WWE status.

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