Alexa Bliss is reportedly set to undergo sinus surgery

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Alexa Bliss is reportedly set to undergo sinus surgery

As reported just three days ago in one of our news, it seems that Alexa Bliss has taken a fairly long hiatus from the WWE rings, with the athlete from Monday Night Raw, who after having had a tantrum immediately after her defeat at Extreme Rules, with Charlotte Flair having destroyed her Lily, could now stay away from the TV screens of the federation for a few months.

Bliss will be away from the WWE as she's reportedly set to undergo a surgical process on her sinus.

Backstage News on Alexa Bliss

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site, PW Insider, it seems that the girl needs a surgical operation scheduled for some time, with the WWE staging the post-match angle to Extreme Rules, for this very reason.

In its latest updates, the Insider reports in fact: "Alexa Bliss was written off TV as of the Extreme Rules PPV as she is scheduled for an upcoming sinus surgery." She's now become yet another WWE athlete whos' been sidelined due to injury/physical problems.

It remains to be seen how her absence affects the company. From the editorial staff of WorldWrestling go the greatest wishes for a speedy recovery to the wrestler, in view of her minor operation. Earlier this year, Alexa Bliss was undefeated in WWE and was part of a feud with Randy Orton.

She has since left the side of The Fiend and began a new storyline alongside Lilly. It's unclear if the Lilly character arc came to an end at Extreme Rules or whether or not Bliss will be able to bring her best friend back when she is able to make her return to the company.

It will be interesting to see how Bliss is brought back into WWE and if she is part of the upcoming WWE Draft since her hiatus from the company is yet to be confirmed on-screen.

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