Lana is not Happy with Naomi!

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Lana is not Happy with Naomi!

In professional wrestling, tag teams usually consist of real life friends. The members have a strong bond which actually helps them perform well in the ring. Some WWE tag teams have made history! The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, and Dudley Boyz are probably the best tag teams in the history of professional wrestling.

They made TLC matches popular and had many great moments in the ring. Tag teams matches can be extremely boring if the wrestlers involved are not creative! In recent memory, a very few tag teams have really been able to make a mark in the WWE.

The creativity is lacking! That is why WWE has brought back certain tag teams and factions from the past. Naomi and Lana formed a very interesting tag team and performed at various live events together. They had wonderful chemistry and would have worked really well!

Then Naomi decided to team up with Carmella! Lana and Naomi could have competed for the WWE Women’s Tag Team title together. They are also real life friends. Lana was not happy about this! She wrote on Twitter: What the flying CRAP !

I just threw up in my mouth 17000000 times! So much for me having Naomi’s back every weekend on every live event! When you think you have friends like @NaomiWWE & then she picks another ! What a pathetic joke this team is! Glad @WWE_MandyRose pinned you