Seth Rollins reveals his hardest time in WWE

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Seth Rollins reveals his hardest time in WWE

Seth Rollins currently battles on the SmackDown roster and is one of the most experienced athletes in WWE. During his Stamford federation career, the 35-year-old from Buffalo has held both the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship multiple times, as well as becoming the eleventh wrestler to complete the Grand Slam.

He was also the winner of the 2014 edition of Money in the Bank, then successfully cashed the briefcase at WrestleMania 31, and of the 2019 edition of the Royal Rumble match. In the course of the latest edition of 'Broken Skull Sessions', the show hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin, the former Shield member revealed that he originally wanted to return to the ring as a babyface after a knee injury forced him to give up.

WWE title in November 2015. Rollins immediately targeted then WWE champion Roman Reigns when he returned in May 2016. While many fans adored Seth, the company's top management wanted him to continue to perform as a heel.

Seth Rollins recalls the difficulties of the past

“At that time, fans still hadn't fully accepted Roman Reigns as a face.

They weren't ready yet, it was easy to understand. I had just returned after having to give up the title due to injury. I was sure they would introduce me as a babyface, but WWE had other plans and I wasn't mentally ready to handle that twist.

I was too used to the idea that I would return as a babyface. I had begun to imagine what my return would be like and I wanted people to cheer me on,” Seth Rollins said. Following a brief feud with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins lost to Finn Balor in a Universal title match at SummerSlam 2016.

After that match, he was suddenly asked to become a face. “It was quite frustrating, I have to be honest. You begin to lose faith in yourself and wonder what you are doing wrong. You try in every way to understand how to make your character work, but sometimes you just have to adapt” - he commented.

The Friday Night Messiah has portrayed heel and babyface characters with extreme finesse and versatility. He is amongst the very best the current WWE roster has to offer. His latest 'Embrace the Vision' persona on SmackDown as a self-absorbed heel is worth every praise, having been a part of engaging storylines with two babyfaced superstars in Cesaro and Edge.