Matt Riddle reveals his big goal for 2022


Matt Riddle reveals his big goal for 2022

Matt Riddle is arguably one of the most interesting young wrestlers within WWE, the leading wrestling company in the world. The current holder of the Tag Team Champions title on Raw along with Randy Orton spoke during the Out of Character podcast and about his work in the Stamford-based company spoke about what could be his goals for him.

WWE recently announced that the Royal Rumble 2022 edition will be held at the American Center in St. Louis on January 29th, it will be the largest venue to have hosted the event in the past 30 years and Matt Riddle has revealed that bet decided on that Pay per View.

Matt Riddle's words on the Royal Rumble

For Riddle it would be his third attempt while the other two failed with the wrestler he said he literally hated his first time in the 'royal fight' Here are his statements: "I really think I'll win the next Royal Rumble.

The first time I didn't have a good experience, I didn't like it at all while the second experience was good. I entered the ring with some of my favorite wrestlers, but now I think it's the time. right for me and everyone would love my win.

A success of mine would bring a breath of freshness in the company and I would really like it very much." Then the wrestler continued: "It hasn't been a long time for an up-and-coming star to win a Royal Rumble, it's usually the wrestler already known as the strongest who wins and you know he's a legend in the business.

I am exceptional, but to prove it I have to win things like this and overcome that barrier that things like these bring you, now I feel ready to do it." In the last episode of Monday Night Raw Matt Riddle was defeated in a single match against AJ Styles and was attacked at the end of the match by The Phenomenon One and by Omos.

Riddle explained that he had a good run on the main roster but needed a significant victory to break the glass ceiling. The RAW tag team champion pointed out that winning the Royal Rumble would be a huge achievement. WWE recently announced that the Royal Rumble will be emanating from The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis on Saturday, January 29, 2022. This will be the largest venue to host the PPV in its 30+ years' history.

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