Huge WWE star attacks Roman Reigns

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Huge WWE star attacks Roman Reigns

Over the past year and a half, WWE has elevated the character of Roman Reigns to the maximum. The wrestler, who returned to SummerSlam 2020, became the authentic ruler of the Stanford company and since that time no one has been able to pin him or stop his rise.

The WWE Universe welcomes the role of the Tribal Chief who has beaten several great wrestlers in recent months, from Daniel Bryan to John Cena and during the last Pay Per View of Extreme Rules he pinned, also thanks to an unusual situation (the botch of the ring) Finn 'Demon' Balor who until then seemed to be managing the situation best.

Prior to this Pay per View WWE Universal Champion challenged and beat Montez Ford in a tougher than expected match. The wrestler withstood the contest even more than expected, he was even one step away from resounding success but in the end he had to surrender to the final move of the current wrestler prince of the main roster.

Montez Ford on Roman Reigns

Montez Ford and Bianca Belair starred in the last episode of The Bump WWE and the wrestler tried to clarify why he challenged the SmackDown champion. Here are the words of the wrestler: "Roman Reigns is considered the best in the world and for me I think the best way to show off was to face the universal champion.

By challenging Roman Reigns I felt in the mood to prove something and I think they managed to take away his certainties a bit, honestly I'm sick and tired of everything that happens and the sensations that happen in the locker room, it seems that we must constantly be afraid of Roman or the whole Bloodline.

Last Friday I succeeded in part of my mission, to prove that you shouldn't be afraid of the Bloodline." Montez Ford and Bianca Belair are one of the most important couples in the world of wrestling and the two, during The Bump, shared their impressions and wishes for the future.

During an interview with Men’s Health magazine, Roman Reigns said that almost everyone on the current WWE roster has self-discipline and motivation when it comes to fitness. “Everybody’s built a really solid package.

Just the two guys I was in there with on Monday, Bobby Lashley and Big E—very different physiques, but both top-tier, world-class athletes. Not only with the way they look, but the numbers they can put up in the gym. I’m sure if you put a stopwatch on them, too, it’d be pretty impressive the way they can move,'' said Reigns.