Could Mick Foley be back for one last WWE match?

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Could Mick Foley be back for one last WWE match?

One of the sacred monsters of the WWE hardcore sector and in general of all the most important companies in the world, undoubtedly responds to the name of Mick Foley. The nickname with which the WWE Hall of Famer is often referred to, is in fact "Hardcore Legend", with some matches in the career of the former WWF world champion, which are recognized by anyone, as milestones in the history of the entire discipline of pro -wrestling.

How can we forget the two flights in and out of King of the Ring 1998's Hell in a Cell, where a Mick Foley as Mankind was thrown from below by the company's Deadman, The Undertaker, finding fractures and losses. of multiple teeth, with such contention that it has remained within the minds of WWE Universe fans for decades.

As it turns out, Mick Foley's career may not be over though, with an answer coming in one of his latest comedy shows that may be hiding more than just a joke.

Latest update on Mick Foley

As reported in the very last few hours by the well-known Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, it would seem that during one of his latest comedy shows, Mick Foley would have reopened the door to a possible "One more match" in his career, with some conditions that should, however, be fulfilled.

before seeing it in action again. As reported by Meltzer, to the microphones of the latest newsletter of the site, in fact: "You know Mick Foley just said he'd do a movie match? There was a comedy show and someone in the audience asked if he could do yet another match and he said 'I'd love to do a movie match' It happened just a couple of hours ago, on the show."

Apparently, the answer was serious, with audiences not laughing at the joke, hearing Foley's tone. It seems very unlikely that even if a cinematic match were to happen, it would hide all the gaps, defects and physical problems of the now battered 56-year-old from Indiana.

If Goldberg is back to fight at over 50 years old, why couldn't Foley do it in a match completely managed by the WWE director and expertly cut and sewn by the company's IT team? The segment appeared to go down well with the crowd, but others did not share the same view.

Mick Foley shared his own thoughts on the segment online. Taking to Twitter, Foley said: "Big fan of Drew’s...but 20 chair shots should either be done to build a feud of epic proportions...or they shouldn’t be done at all. #RAW."