Shocking details about 2022 SummerSlam

WWE already has a big surprise ready for Raw and SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
Shocking details about 2022 SummerSlam

Throughout the year, there are several great PPVs that WWE fans follow with much more interest. Obviously, first of all, there is Wrestlemania, the greatest creation of Vince McMahon, patron of the Stamford-based company for over 40 years, which brings hundreds and hundreds of fans from all over the world to the United States every year.

they rush to a stadium or a huge arena in the States, to follow the vicissitudes of the most important pro-wrestling superstars in the world. Immediately after Wrestlemania, however, comes another great pay-per-view: SummerSlam, which takes place in August.

this year, it surprisingly took place on Saturday and not on Sunday, and like almost all WWE ppvs, always brings to the States dozens and hundreds of fans from all over the world. But in the history of the company, SummerSlam has not always been held in the USA.

In fact, in the 1992 edition, WWF flew to Wembley, where it held its only edition of Summerslam on English soil, which was then broadcast in America only on the 31st of the same month. Apparently, in the last few hours, the rumor that WWE would like to keep also next year, or in 2022, a new edition of Summerslam in the UK, would have spread online, in conjunction with the thirtieth anniversary of the show broadcast for the first time.

from the English land.

Latest news on 2022 SummerSlam

To give a further point of view towards this idea, to keep the ppv in English next year, we also thought about Dave Meltzer, well-known wrestling journalist of the Wrestling Observer, who reiterated in his latest update: "There are reports that SummerSlam will be held in Cardiff, Wales next year, but for the moment this is a far cry from being confirmed.

Of course, there is some talk about Cardiff and probably some other part of the UK as well, so it would still be an interesting time slot to see. That's why I don't think it will be Summerslam, because they should do it in the afternoon and I don't think they want to do it.

With Peacok TV, I don't think they want to lose PPV buyers, because that's guaranteed money for them. Since it's guaranteed money, they should have another ppv in the UK, I mean, they could still do one every year, like those B shows they do every year." According to Meltzer, then, WWE could still take advantage of the UK market.

but not by losing money with Summerslam, but by staging an annual ppv, as already happens in Saudi Arabia, so as to make the British happy, but not losing on the other hand, buyers in the USA.

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