Drew McIntyre comments on the 2021 WWE Draft

Drew McIntyre was one of the main protagonists of the last episode of Monday Night Raw

by Simone Brugnoli
Drew McIntyre comments on the 2021 WWE Draft

We are now in the final stages and in a few hours, the WWE Draft will have begun, an event that is now held every year and that in every year tends to upset the plans of the most loved wrestling company in the world. It will be Friday Night Smackdown to open the doors to the Draft and there is a lot of curiosity from the WWE Universe about what will happen within the blue brand.

One of the possible candidates to move to SmackDown is undoubtedly Drew McIntyre: many think that after dominating for months on Raw, The Scottish Psychopath he is ready to change and perhaps to become the new and main opponent of Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief of the WWE and absolute ruler of the company.

Speaking to the microphones of Planet Wrestling Drew McIntyre discussed with his colleague Miguel Leiva on a possible change of roster and on who he would like to challenge in the event of a change to the blue roster.

Drew McIntyre on the 2021 WWE Draft

Here were his statements: "Now I'm on Raw, but seeing the Smackdown roster I have clear ideas about who I would like to face in the future.

In the past I had an affair against Seth Rollins but personally I think it lasted too short. We challenged each other right after I beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania but it didn't last long and we didn't go any further. I think we can challenge each other again at any time because we have excellent chemistry in the ring." Another wrestler Drew McIntyre named to the Smackdown roster is the Rated-R Superstar Edge, as well as another superstar from the blue roster.

Here are his words: "I never shared the ring with Edge, when I was very young sometimes I followed him and for me he is like a mentor. I remember we were once in the SmackDown Main Event, he was with Kelly Kelly and I was with Vickie Guerrero, it was fun and I think even now we can tell interesting stories.

Another wrestler I'd like to challenge is Cesaro, he's really fantastic and we've never challenged each other." Bobby Lashley took to Twitter to tease that he could be making his way over to Friday Night SmackDown in the upcoming WWE Draft. The former WWE Champion has been on a downhill spiral on Monday Night RAW after being pinned three times in a week.

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