Sasha Banks is Not Cleared to Compete

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Sasha Banks is Not Cleared to Compete

Injuries are a bad part of professional wrestling! Unfortunately, they are super common! Most wrestlers don’t enter the ring 100% fit! They put their bodies on the line almost every single weak and some of the bumps badly hurt.

A big wrestling promotion such as the WWE loses a lot of money when their top talent has to be shelved! That is why, wrestlers are not allowed to compete when their injury is moderate to severe to make sure that the injured wrestler doesn’t end up aggravating the injury.

One of WWE’s top talents is Sasha Banks. She is a former Women’s Champion and is one of the most popular female wrestlers of the world. Unfortunately, she has missed a few live events because she hasn’t been cleared by doctors to compete.

In fact, she was not cleared to compete even this week according to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Radio. She and Bayley teamed up to take on Nikki Cross & Alicia Fox. Bayley has to fight the entire match on her own, as Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox assaulted Bayley and Banks before the match.

Banks spent the entire match in the corner. WWE rarely lets an injured wrestler compete and this is actually quite strange. There is hope that she will be cleared to compete in the Elimination Chamber PPV though. He absence will be felt badly otherwise.