Bully Ray turned down the offer to return to WWE

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Bully Ray turned down the offer to return to WWE

One of the athletes who made the history of the WWF/E tag team category was undoubtedly Bubba Ray Dudley, a world-renowned athlete, who also made the history of the TNA, again with regard to the couple category (and not only), with the former Bully Ray who together with his lifelong brother friend, D-Von, won several world titles in any ring he has ever climbed.

In his journey in the TNA rings, Bully Ray had even managed to reach the absolute world title in single, with a great storyline he had with none other than Hulk Hogan, who had taken him on the roof of the company, for several months.

For a few years now, it seems that both he and D-Von have retired from the world of pro-wrestling, with D-Von also suffering some not-so-easy physical setbacks over the years. In the last period, Vince McMahon would also have tried to take him back to work in WWE, but without success, with Bubba Ray who explained everything in his last interview.

Bully Ray has worked for WWE as a producer since 2016

Bully Ray was the latest guest on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw to tell some stories from his WWE career and have a good time. During the show, Bully Ray decided to tell the story of the time he botched an h*t tag during his first appearance in Madison Square Garden.

"It might have been our first show ever at The Garden," Bully Ray began. "It's a house show. It's The Dudley's, The APA, and I think Edge and Christian. APA eliminate Edge and Christian, heat on D-Von...go figure!

And Bubba's going to get the h*t tag. I got my family there. I got my fraternity brothers from college there. The APA are heels. We're white h*t babyfaces at the time, 20,000 people and rumbling at The Garden. They do a double down, D-Von's crawling over, D-Von gives me the h*t tag, the place blows, I come in...I trip over the middle rope."

In his latest interview with Stories with Briscoe and Bradshaw, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to tell: "Vince has offered me a position in the past. He said to me 'When you're ready, I'd love to have you as a producer.'

But I don't think this job is the same as it was when you (Gerald Briscoe ed) were a producer or an agent years ago. I think that the producers and agents are just there to obey the orders of the creative team to day and liaise with the guys, so I don't think these guys have enough input nowadays.

I consider myself creative enough and I don't like creativity being put aside, for the boys and girls who put their matches together, I think they should let them go a bit. I'd like to try one day though. But it seems to be different from when you (Gerald Briscoe) and Pat (Patterson) and Jack (Lanza) and Michael (Hayes) and the other agents I grew up with and worked with than they are today."