LA Knight could move to the main roster

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by Simone Brugnoli
LA Knight could move to the main roster

In the last few hours, we have done nothing but talk about Draft in WWE, with the first part of the famous event of the roster, arriving on Friday Night Smackdown and for the second part on Monday, in the episode of Monday Night Raw closing of the famous WWE "lottery".

With this move, WWE is trying to bring as much freshness as possible to its rosters, trying to shuffle the cards on the table, moving great athletes from one roster to another, so as to always create new and different storylines, putting athletes face to face.

who have never clashed in the WWE, or perhaps by putting together teams that have been divided in the past or rivals who have not faced each other in years. Apparently, according to the latest rumors, NXT could also be involved in a fairly important way in this year's Draft, with the first name emerging that is not that of a single athlete, but of an entire stable: the Hit Row.

LA Knight made his first WWE appearance at NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day, which was a pleasant surprise for fans who had known him from his days in IMPACT Wrestling. According to what was reported in the last few hours, by the microphones of the well-known journalist Andrew Zarian, in the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast broadcast, even LA Knight, former WWE Million Dollar champion, could make the big leap in the main roster of the company in this Draft.

Latest update on LA Knight

In his latest update, Zarian indeed stated: "I am told that everyone has a feeling that NXT talents can be involved in the Draft. It will be one-way, not two-way; but you don't have to be shocked to still see main roster Superstars coming back to NXT every now and then, like Mandy Rose, or someone like that, you know.

It's interesting because Hit Row is one of the names that people have been doing recently, even LA Knight is one of the names that they have made out there." We remember that at the moment there is still nothing official, but only rumours that have been floated by insiders, who although are very important, still do not work within the WWE.

During a recent interview with WWE India, Wade Barrett shared his thoughts on the current roster and made a note of bringing up LA Knight. "So somebody I'm really excited by at the moment is a relative newcomer to NXT and it's LA Knight.

I thought his performance in the ladder match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House was incredible." Barrett continued, "Obviously, I have a certain amount of childhood memories related to The Million Dollar Man and The Million Dollar Championship."

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