Adam Cole reveals a detail on NXT 2.0

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Adam Cole reveals a detail on NXT 2.0
Adam Cole reveals a detail on NXT 2.0

Over the past two years, there has been a new rating war in the pro-wrestling world. If at the end of the 90s we had the famous Monday Night War, between the WCW of the Turner family and the WWF of the McMahon family, this time instead we had the fight on Wednesday night, with NXT that aired in conjunction with Dynamite of the All Elite Wrestling, for over a year.

Needless to say, the flagship show of the AEW has almost always beaten the product of the third WWE roster, with NXT failing to keep up with Dynamite, even moving in the day and moving into the morning on Sunday night. Apparently, now NXT seems to have completely changed the format, with the new version of the show, or 2.0, which seems to have given new freshness to the third brand of the company that had the same methodology for years.

But according to Adam Cole, former NXT Champion and the new member of AEW, there were a few things lined up for NXT. AEW wrestler Adam Cole has revealed that WWE offered to change his ring name and look after his main roster call-up.

The former NXT Champion was a major star in the black and gold brand, holding the title for a record 396 days.

Adam Cole and AEW's Wednesday Night War

When his time on the brand was over, Adam Cole was expected to make the lateral move to either Monday Night RAW or SmackDown, but he chose instead to sign with rival promotion, AEW.

In his latest interview with Talk is Jericho, the former NXT Champion wanted to say: "This is one thing I am convinced of. I think, in fact I'm sure, that AEW beat NXT and that was fundamental in the rebrand. I also understand the thoughts behind the process of...

there were a lot of guys at NXT who were presented in a certain way and they had to go to Raw or Smackdown and it was a complete 180. I understand the stalemate, if I was Vince McMahon, and looked at NXT and these guys hungry to want to go to Raw or Smackdown, he wanted to get his hands on some of them and you know he wants the big names.

I'm not saying everyone will be big, but now many more will be ready to go to Raw and Smackdown. I understand this. When I was there at NXT, it was treated like a third brand. We were on TV for that, we had a great month with Survivor Series, which was really cool.

It was a more athletic and storytelling style. Once again, back to us, AEW played a huge role in my mind. That did it. More importantly, I don't think they need to change anything about the guys who are at NXT now."

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