*Spoiler* Who cut the top rope at Extreme Rules?

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*Spoiler* Who cut the top rope at Extreme Rules?

At Extreme Rules 2021, 'The Demon' Finn Balor came very close to beating the universal champion Roman Reigns, except that in the most important moment of the match, the ropes of the ring did not work properly, causing the athlete to fall badly in the ring and even damage to a leg.

All this obviously favored Reigns, who hit with his devastating Spear, Balor, who thus lost yet another title opportunity, being defeated. While the demon was ready to hit his opponent with his finisher, in fact, the third rope of the ring post suddenly came off.

Roman Reigns defeated 'The Demon' Finn Balor

Fans on Twitter predictably went berserk, with some hilarious reactions to the Extreme Rules finish that ranged from memes to critiques. Another Twitter user recently posted a fan-shot video from Extreme Rules that shows who was responsible for the top rope breaking.

It was a cameraman or somebody disguised as one. He jumped off the ring apron on the opposite side to Balor as the lighting went back to normal. He had an object in his hand, speculated either to be a knife or bolt cutters. A video posted by a fan attending the event in Columbus shows what a cameraman looks like cutting the ring rope.

This exposes WWE that it may have to give explanations to the public. If you zoom in on the video, you see a cameraman with a knife in his hand, an instrument that could easily have caused the rope that Bálor was holding to be cut during his performance.

This video went viral overnight and it is easy to understand how the point of view is that of the fan, who had a great angle to be able to shoot everything. The problem is that because of these videos the WWE could decide once and for all to prohibit fans from taking photos or videos of the events, just to protect themselves, since the company is committed, also thanks to graphics or a play of lights, not to point out certain things so as not to ruin everything.

Let's see if now WWE will ignore it as often happens in these somewhat embarrassing situations, or decide to face it maybe tonight during the episode of Smackdown that we remind you, will also kick off the 2021 Draft, perhaps with some explanation in storyline that can make sense for everyone.

It remains to be seen how WWE explains the finish to Extreme Rules. An option would be to reveal this footage and book a 'Whodunit' angle, with a heel Superstar being disguised as the cameraman who cost Finn Balor. This would be a great storyline for him, following his feud with Roman Reigns.

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