The Rock on Studios Not Buying Fighting with My Family

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The Rock on Studios Not Buying Fighting with My Family

The movie industry is full of great movies that make millions of dollars through sales. It is ruled by a handful of big production studios that purchase any film that they think will make them money. Unfortunately, not all films make it to these big studios.

A flop damages the studios reputation and they might lose millions of dollars due to one bad flop. The Rock spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to promote the film ‘Fighting with My Family’. As noted, the film wasn’t bought by any major studio initially.

It is film about former WWE Superstar Paige and her career inside the WWE. It also includes her family and the film talks about her struggles. It also shows us the culture of the independent circuit and how a wrestler grows before making it to the WWE.

"We wanted a studio to buy into it, and no one did," Rock said. "We got passed on everywhere. It was a small British comedy about a crazy wrestling family that wasn't famous." Well, the film turned out to be successful when it first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

It cost $11 million to make and was then sold to MGM for $17 million. It is a comedy film and due to its low budget, the major studios didn’t purchase it. The film will be available nationwide on the 22nd of February.