*Spoiler* Becky Lynch will put her title on the line at Crown Jewel

Becky Lynch is arguably the most popular female superstar of the modern WWE era

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Becky Lynch will put her title on the line at Crown Jewel

WWE informed us moments ago that Becky Lynch, the current SmackDown champion, will defend the title in a triple threat match against Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks at Crown Jewel on October 21. This is the official WWE statement: “Three of the best in the game will compete for the Smackdown Women's Championship title at WWE Crown Jewel when Becky Lynch defends her title against Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat Match.

The story between all three contestants is known to say the least, and it all culminates in this colossal battle. After their monumental Wrestlemania main event match in April, The EST of WWE and The Boss were supposed to make their return to Summerslam, but that all changed in the blink of an eye when The Man returned to Banks's place and took Smackdown women's title from Belair in just 26 seconds.

During their one-on-one rematch at WWE Extreme Rules, Belair appeared to have Lynch on the ropes until Sasha made a shocking comeback of her own accord leaving both contestants sprawled in the ring, not just resuming her war with Belair, but echoing the ferocity of his rivalry with Lynch which culminated in a Hell in a Cell Match in 2019.

With The Boss and the hungriest WWE EST ever, The Man is now in a situation where she doesn't have to be pinned or subdued to lose the title. So who will emerge as the women's Smackdown champion?"

The latest news on Becky Lynch

WWE announced that Becky Lynch will put her SmackDown Women's Championship on the line in a triple threat match against Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks at WWE Crown Jewel.

So at this point, everything surrounding the SmackDown title from Wrestlemania is about to be done for good, with Sasha and Bianca trying to take the title back. Sasha will finally have the rematch we have been waiting for after her defeat in the most important stage in the world of wrestling, and Bianca will have the chance to redeem herself after the defeat in just 26 seconds at Summerslam.

What is certain, leaving the result aside for a second, is that this clash will be truly epic, with two established athletes and one making its way into WWE. Saudi Arabia is about to witness a match that will always be remembered.

In addition to the SmackDown Women's Championship match, another title match has been made official for Crown Jewel. Brock Lesnar will make his in-ring return at the event against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.

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