*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar made a shocking announcement

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*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar made a shocking announcement

In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion about what Brock Lesnar could have done now, after his return arrived quite unexpectedly in the Summerslam ring, with the WWE Beast sporting a whole new look, he had also found a new opponent, that no one would have ever imagined: Roman Reigns.

After his win against John Cena, Smackdown's Tribal Chief found himself facing the WWE Beast, with a totally shocked Paul Heyman, who was gaping at his old client. In recent weeks, a titled match between the two had been rumored, valid for the Universal Championship of the blue show, in that of Crown Jewel, with Lesnar who thus returned to the ring, to fight, after more than a year of absence from the square of the WWE.

In fact, we remember that his last match was at Wrestlemania 36, where Lesnar was beaten by Drew Mcintyre, for the WWE Championship.

Brock Lesnar destroyed members of the Bloodline

After the call to Smackdown by Jeff Hardy, Matt's younger brother (the other "extreme" brother of the former WWE), he found himself facing a really tough enemy, which he preferred not to challenge: Brock Lesnar.

The Beast, microphone in hand, wanted to confirm to WWE Universe how he turns out to be a free agent, thanks to the services of Paul Heyman as his lawyer, with the same former WWE Champion who thus confirmed how he will appear on both Monday Night Raw and at Friday Night Smackdown, whenever he wants it.

A similar situation had also happened with John Cena a few years ago, with the hero of the WWE Universe who was a free agent of the company and worked both in one roster and in another, a bit like all the Legends, Undertaker in the first place.

Obviously, now WWE will continue the storyline that will see both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns collide, with the next step being the Crown Jewel titled match, which is now around the corner. We will see how this situation evolves, also seeing if Lesnar will behave as a babyface or if the WWE will carry out a heel vs heel storyline, which is quite rare in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, but which has already been seen in the past.

Lesnar destroyed members of the Bloodline before demanding a shot at Reigns’ Universal Championship. Both superstars are set to face each other in a title match at Crown Jewel pay-per-view scheduled to take place later this month.

The two superstars are expected to engage in a brutal feud, and it will be interesting to see Paul Heyman’s role in the entire storyline.

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