*Spoiler* Edge surprises everyone with his promo

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*Spoiler* Edge surprises everyone with his promo

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown that aired in the night, in addition to presenting the first evening of the Draft, WWE also wanted to carry on its most important storylines, with Brock Lesnar who presented himself as the new free agent of the company and he will thus be able to appear in any roster he wants, always teasing the Universal champion Roman Reigns or the still very heated challenge between Seth Rollins and the WWE Hall of Famer, Edge.

The two, after having given them for good reason both at Summerslam and in one of the last episodes of Friday Night Smackdown, would still have a clash in store for Crown Jewel, with the company that has already laid the first foundations for this umpteenth meeting between the two, which should finally put an end to their rivalry.

Also this night there were updates on this, with Edge even having to call his wife at home, to make sure that she would lock inside him, as Seth Rollins was going right there to terrorize the Hall of Famer family.

Edge mentions the FTRs

During the segment that aired WWE with Edge, with the Rated R Superstar on the phone with his wife, Beth Phoenix, while his opponent Seth Rollins started like crazy to bother their house, fans are aware of a phrase that immediately turned on a light bulb.

At one juncture in this segment, Edge said the phrase "Daniel and David are on their way", or "Daniel and David are coming." For the many who did not understand the reference, Daniel and David, are former WWE Revival members, which is now called FTR in AEW, with the two athletes who are very close friends of the Edge-Beth couple and also live very close to the two.

Edge and the two have been great friends for several years and in an emergency, the three have always called each other about something, which also happened to Smackdown last night. The nice thing is that after the airing of Smackdown, Cash Wheeler and his partner so I want to respond in their own way to their friend Edge, slipping these tweets on their social profiles.

According to Cagematch.net, Edge has competed in 28 matches at MSG throughout his career. His most notable bout in the aforementioned arena took place during the 2008 Royal Rumble event when he retained the WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio.

The two-time Royal Rumble winner's latest match at MSG ended in defeat against Randy Orton at a live event in June 2010. Rollins, by contrast, won his most recent match there when he fought Kevin Owens at another live event in December 2019.