*Spoiler* WWE confirms the King of the Ring tournament

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*Spoiler* WWE confirms the King of the Ring tournament

It had been in the air for several months now, but the official never seemed to arrive and instead on 1st October, during the episode of Friday Night Smackdown of the WWE, the company wanted to put different meat on the fire, among Arab PPVs about to go on stage, the annual draft, Superstars who remain free agents or AEW athletes brought up.

After seeing Brock Lesnar in front of the WWE cameras, with the mammoth ex WWE Champion who revealed that he is a free agent and can thus fight wherever he wants and after seeing the storyline between the WWE Hall of Famer Edge and his arch-rival of the moment, Seth Rollins, the WWE also wanted to carry on new and old projects in its history, with not one but two tournaments that will tempt its fans.

Let's talk about the King of the Ring and the brand new Queen's Crown Tournament. If the King of the Ring Tournament is now a historic piece of the McMahon-owned company, the Queen's Crown Tournament is a whole new thing this year, with the tournament that was initially thought to be simply called Queen of the Ring, which in the end is been named differently, but always with the same sense.

WWE confirms the King of the Ring tournament

During this night's episode of Smackdown, WWE confirmed with graphics that the tournaments will start on October 11, while the finals of both will arrive in the rings of Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia, on the 21st of the same month.

. The final of Crown Jewel, had already been anticipated a few days ago by the well-known journalist Andrew Zarian, in the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, a very important and very authoritative source from overseas. At the moment we do not know who will be the athletes involved in these tournaments, but the WWE will keep the rosters as they are, until October 22, to finish the storylines currently already aired, then until the final of the two tournaments, the clashes.

will arrive in their respective rosters of origin. As part of a teaser advert for new shows on the WWE network during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, WWE has announced that there will be a 'King of the Ring' UK Tournament taking place this year, and it will be on the WWE Network.

There have been several rumours and updates surrounding the status of the WWE's UK show, with the first one being that it was going to be called 'King of the Ring', which we now know was correct! Albeit for a tournament and not an episodic show.