Sheamus undergoes another operation on his nose

Sheamus is one of the longest-serving athletes in WWE and currently features on the Raw roster

by Simone Brugnoli
Sheamus undergoes another operation on his nose

Sheamus had let us know that he would be back in the operating room to have his nose operated on again. The Irishman has been wearing a protective mask since June after he was first operated on when he broke his nose fighting in the ring.

The mask, however, did not always keep him protected, in fact during his match on Raw on September 20, when he collided with Jeff Hardy, Sheamus accused the man of having broken his nose again after the mask came off. her face.

Despite this, he still challenged Damian Priest and Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match at Extreme Rules, where he was pinned by the champion who kept the title. Then he challenged him again the next day on Raw in a match without disqualification, also losing on that occasion.

Update on Sheamus

Today Sheamus let the WWE Universe know on social media that he had an operation for the second time, with a tweet with a photo attached where he also makes us smile a little, saying: "2x WWE champion of the nose operation." We still don't know how long the man will stay out of the ring to recover, but luckily it seems that everything can work out for the best and that he is positive about the results, unlike in 2019, where he was very frightened by a concussion: "I worked really, really hard to get back in the ring.

I've never felt better. I felt even better than when I debuted 10 years ago, just because I knew my body much better. I did a lot more dynamic stretching. Ask any guy in the locker room. I was standing there and doing all those weird pirouettes and crazy stretching.

All these dynamic movements and all that stuff there. Just to warm up and finally... since I got back, I haven't had any problems whatsoever. I literally feel better than when I debuted and this is crazy." Upon his return to Monday Night RAW, Sheamus was seen wearing a protective mask but injured his nose again in a match against Jeff Hardy on the September 20 episode of RAW.

The former World Champion competed in a triple threat match at Extreme Rules for the United States Championship against Damian Priest and Jeff Hardy. The next night on RAW, Sheamus had another no disqualification match against 'The Archer of Infamy' for the title he lost, further aggravating his injury.

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