Drew McIntyre: NXT UK is a great opportunity for wrestlers

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Drew McIntyre: NXT UK is a great opportunity for wrestlers

The rise of NXT UK in recent years has contributed to the growth of many young superstars. Among them there is also Pete Dunne, who managed to conquer the WWE UK Champion thanks to his talent. At NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, the inaugural NXT UK TakeOver event, Dunne retained his title against Joe Coffey in the main event.

At the 2019 Royal Rumble, Dunne would make his second main roster appearance competing in the namesake event entering at number 18. He would later be eliminated by Drew McIntyre. In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, WWE superstar Drew McIntyre praised Dunne for his style: “It’s hard not to say that Pete Dunne’s not the best considering he’s had the title for a number of years.

But there’s so many good guys and I’ve worked with the majority of them so I know how good they actually are. Everyone’s very physical in the ring and that’s my favorite style – the British style”.

He continued: “There’s nothing easy about it, but you got lot more eyes on you, and a lot more opportunities. More opportunities than when we were signed. There weren’t many UK guys around; I think it was only Paul Burchill that was signed from the UK, unless you go back to the Finlays and Regals who were already living in America and were the first group of guys signed."