Riddle praises a big NXT star

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Riddle praises a big NXT star

Over the past few weeks, several new Superstars have made their ring debut on NXT 2.0, the new version of the Stamford-based company's yellow show, which airs Tuesday night on USA Network TV screens the day after Monday Night.

Raw. Among the many who have finally popped up in front of the WWE cameras after several workouts and several sessions at the Performance Center in Orlando, there was also Bron Breakker, son of the legendary Rick Steiner and grandson of the even more famous Scott.

After immediately seeing his climb to the upper floors of the third WWE brand, both fans and insiders have understood how the company points a lot on him, with his first landing at NXT which saw him immediately go face to face.

face with the absolute champion of the roster: Tommaso Ciampa. Apparently, the wrestler's physical skills would be those preferred by the Chairman of the company, who would already like him to have a very important future on the main roster, from there the start with a bang already at NXT.

Apparently, to the main roster Tag Team champion Riddle, Breakker's character would be very reminiscent of Goldberg's.

Riddle on Bron Breakker

In his latest interview with the After The Bell microphones, Riddle also wanted to talk about the new colleague who arrived at NXT, Rick Steiner's son, with Randy Orton's partner who in fact stated: "Bron Breakker!

Yes. Damn it looks like a house, the boy looks stuck, you know? I mean, now, it reminds me a lot of a young Goldberg. I see him a bit like him on the microphone, he's very short, very intense in the ring, he's not a guy who talks a lot of flies and spins, but he absolutely does a great job.

When I think of an up-and-coming star when I think of someone who comes and breaks, the guys of the future and I see this guy, I think 'Gee, this one could already fight for the world title in three years' He looks just like that.

Now, only time will tell. From what I've seen, he will have a bright future." Riddle added that he managed to get some good TV time and work with some of his favorite superstars during his second appearance at the marquee event.

He declared that he would love to win the event in his third attempt. "I think I'm going to win the next Royal Rumble. I feel like the first time, I didn't really have a good experience. Second time, very good experience. Got in there with some of my favorite workers and everybody else.

And I think this time around, for me, I would love to win it, I think the fans would love it. And I think it's something super fresh," Riddle said.

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