Will Nia Jax be out longer than expected?

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Will Nia Jax be out longer than expected?

Just a few weeks ago, the two former Tag Team champions on the main roster, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, clashed as if they were now each other's worst enemies, with the former MMA fighter who left the sign in his latest attacks, going to injure not one, but two colleagues, one that responds to the name of Nia Jax and the other that responds to that of Eva Marie.

After spending entire months together, reigning over the female tag team category, something broke down between the two heels of Monday Night Raw, with Shayna Baszler who has seen fit to hit the arm of her former ally, even using the steel steps entering the ring, causing her a fairly serious injury that will keep her out of the WWE rings for several weeks.

Obviously, this choice was made by the WWE to keep the girl out of the scene, with a hiatus that was promised and that in the end was justified on-screen in this way.

Latest update on Nia Jax

According to what was reported in the latest updates of the well-known overseas site, the PW Insider, it would seem that the girl will stay out even longer than was initially expected, with the well-known site having in fact reported: "Nia Jax was not backstage at Smackdown and the words about her status were that the girl will still take some time away from the scene, so as to sell Baszler's attack and to keep her off the TV, in the time that she needs it".

At the moment we don't know what WWE has in store for The Rock's cousin, the only thing we do know is that she needed some free time, which WWE probably immediately agreed to give her and built on the angle of the injury that came at the hands of Baszler.

Now it will be necessary to see when Nia returns, if she will find a bitter enemy in her own roster, or if with the remaining Draft on Monday, Shayna will go to the ring of the blue show or not. Several superstars were drafted to the red brand.

Multiple-time 24/7 Champion R-Truth, along with current champion Reggie, will remain on RAW. As will Akira Tozawa. Nia Jax has been drafted to RAW as well but there is no word as of yet about her friend-turned-foe Shayna Baszler.

Former Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews, along with his henchman Commander Azeez, have also been moved to RAW. Meanwhile, Toni Storm, who debuted on SmackDown will remain on the Blue brand. The tag team of Mansoor & Mustafa Ali will also be a staple of Friday nights going forward.

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