Undertaker’s First non-WWE Appearance

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Undertaker’s First non-WWE Appearance

Some WWE Wrestlers have made a permanent mark on the world of professional wrestling. The WWE has produced some wrestling legends over the past 4 decades. Modern professional wrestling would have never been as popular as it is today if WWE didn’t produce these great legends.

One of the best wrestlers of all time is The Undertaker. The Undertaker has had countless great matches over 2 decades. He is a long time WWE employee and has one of the greatest WrestleMania win records of all time. Unfortunately, he is getting old and isn’t in great shape these days.

Due to his age, the Undertaker can’t perform as well as he used to be. According to some reports, the WWE hasn’t included The Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania so far and The Undertaker has removed all WWE affiliations from his social media accounts.

The Undertaker will appear at Inside The Ropes UK 3 day tour that will start on the 30th of April. This will be his first non-WWE appearance ever since removing the affiliation. He will be appearing alongside other superstars such as Booker T, Ric Flair and Lita.

Since The Undertaker is open to bookings now, there is a chance that his in-ring career at the WWE might actually be over for good. Taker will also appear on April 28 at a "For The Love of Wrestling" convention in Liverpool.