*Spoiler* The Bloodline is close to parting ways

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*Spoiler* The Bloodline is close to parting ways

The last part of this episode of SmackDown opens with the last calls from Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. The former is unhappy as the first choice for SMACKDOWN is Naomi, her current rival. RAW instead acquires the Mysterio family.

SD puts Jeff Hardy back under contract and RAW bets on Austin Theory from NXT. The line passes to Kyla Braxton who is ready to talk to a super-charged Jeff Hardy, who has just arrived in SmackDown. WWE SmackDown was blessed with the arrival of The New Day whereas Big E remained on RAW.

The reason for this is so that the babyface does not have the numbers advantage when going up against a heel, who will likely not have a backup. After a ferocious Hell in a Cell match between the two brothers, Jey had to finally “acknowledge” the ‘Tribal Chief’ and started picking odd jobs on behalf of Reigns.

Soon, the other half of The Uso brothers; Jimmy Uso sided with Roman Reigns and Jey, and hence, ‘The Bloodline’ faction was born. Since then, the three brothers have been wreaking havoc on the SmackDown brand. Speaking with New York Post, Reigns talked about the possibility of adding Naomi to the faction and let her take care of the women’s division.

However, it seems a tough task as she fights on the Monday Night Raw roster.

What's next for The Bloodline?

“I do believe if she was put in that position, coupled with all of us surrounding her along with Paul Heyman and the rest of our creative brainstorming system that we have and how we craft our narratives, I think we could put her in a good position.

It’s just not something we’ve had time to come up with a thorough game plan. If we did, I think she’s definitely a superstar who could step up and take advantage of it,” said Roman. With Roman’s character growing with every passing week, we can never scrap this idea.

In fact, if Roman adds her into the faction, then 'The Bloodline’ will not be limited to the men’s division. The Charismatic Enigma is ready to speak out about him, but Brock Lesnar arrives and after apologizing for the interruption, takes the microphone and announces that he is a free agent thanks to the help of Paul Heyman, his great friend.

From today, he will be able to do what he wants, when he wants and above all where he wants. The response of Roman Reigns is not long in coming, who directly in his dressing room gets angry with Paul Heyman asking him why his actions are in favor of Brock and above all why his cousins ​​have not yet been confirmed in SmackDown.