*Spoiler* Huge victory for Sasha Banks


*Spoiler* Huge victory for Sasha Banks

Meanwhile, we have arrived at the moment of the Main Event, where Bianca Belair will meet Sasha Banks. The two, however, are followed by Becky Lynch, ready to enjoy the match from ringside. The match begins with the usual study phase, to then admire the physical qualities of Bianca Belair and the athleticism of Sasha.

Sasha's attempted attack from the ropes failed and the publicity started. On the return live, the two are on the stake exchanging several shots. Sasha gets the better of her, throwing Bianca underneath her who is then hit with a Meteor!

Becky Lynch will defend her title against Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

The final match of WWE SmackDown saw Sasha Banks take on Bianca Belair. Banks had previously returned at WWE Extreme Rules to ruin the match between Belair and Becky Lynch.

During the Blue brand's latest show, Lynch came out to take her place at the commentary table for the main event. The Boss started the match well and took control early on. She escaped Belair’s grasp and took her down with some good moves.

Facebuster by Bianca Belair, who is close to victory! Match in control of Bianca now, at least until Sasha makes her comeback by attacking the former NXT with various kicks and knees. Tornado DDT hit for Sasha and consequent Frog Splash!

1.2 ... NO! Still nothing, the match continues. It also continues outside the ring where the two exchange the last blows, but where Becky Lynch is also called into question who has a verbal confrontation with Bianca Belair, guilty of having fallen on her.

Bianca Belair hits Sasha Banks and starts to return to the ring to finish the match, but Becky takes advantage of the referee's distraction to block her by catching her from the long tail and giving Sasha the chance to score a roll-up for the winning pin!

Sasha cheers, but for very little as Charlotte Flair arrives and hits both her and Bianca with a Big Boot! The newcomer to SmackDown wants to set the record straight and raises her belt. Becky, from the commentators' table, does the same!

We currently have two champions in SmackDown, which make the situation as confusing as it is interesting in view of the next WWE episodes. With this scene ends a very good episode of SmackDown and our report. Flair is currently the Raw Women’s Champion.

So, to see the Raw Women’s Champion getting drafted to SmackDown raised a few eyebrows. Flair was the third pick in the first round of the draft. Recently in an update, Wrestling Inc. President noted that the FOX officials are the reason behind this unusual switch of ‘The Queen’.

He noted that the FOX officials had requested to put Charlotte Flair in the draft and had specifically asked for the switch.

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