Will Hit Row make a successful transition to the main roster?

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Will Hit Row make a successful transition to the main roster?

As already known, the WWE Draft will include some NXT 2.0 wrestlers, who will move to the main roster. However, even if there are exceptions, often when wrestlers switch to the main roster following changes made to their character.

This is demonstrated by the fact that many of the wrestlers on the main roster receive heavily rewritten promos from the creative team. The idea of wrestlers moving from NXT to the main roster for many years worries quite a few fans, who fear that someone who has been treated like a star will be watered down on Raw or SmackDown.

AJ Francis (aka Top Dolla) wants fans to know that the same thing won't happen to Hit Row. Top Dolla claims that their debut promo (during a segment before SmackDown that was not caught on camera) was not scripted, and wants fans not to compare Hit Row with "other people who failed to make it to the main roster".

The latest news on the Hit Row

Will Hit Row make a successful transition to the WWE main roster? Top Dolla seems to think so. One of the most surprising picks for SmackDown during night one of the WWE Draft was the popular NXT 2.0 stable Hit Row, led by current North American Champion Isaiah "Swerve" Scott.

In a post on Twitter, he said: "Stop comparing ourselves with other people who have not managed to break into the main roster. We can do the promos ourselves. Thanks, the management": In a subsequent tweet, then, he added: "Last night we did a promo.

No scripts. Like every promo, we've ever run. We did. Stop talking about things you don't know." The general hope is that WWE won't make too many changes to the group, which has been one of NXT's main strengths in recent times.

In this sense, it should be remembered that major names on the main roster such as Roman Reigns, Edge and Paul Heyman are given more leeway with the promos they perform in the ring. This right, however, is not guaranteed to everyone.

And the feeling of 'WrestlingNews.co' is that if the plan is for Hit Row not to run promos from the creative team, those plans can always change. The promos cut by Hit Row are a big reason the group was able to stand out from everyone else in WWE NXT.

If their freedom on the microphone gets taken away from them, the transition period could be unpleasant for everyone involved. Fans have seen this pattern play out with many NXT call-ups over the years.