Is Kevin Owens unhappy in WWE?

KO has been on the WWE roster for years now, but recently word has gotten around that he might want to part ways with the company

by Simone Brugnoli
Is Kevin Owens unhappy in WWE?

Kevin Owens has been on the WWE roster for years now, but recently word has gotten around that he might want to part ways with the company. It was himself who spread them, but now he himself has taken steps to write a further chapter of the story.

The former WWE Universal Champion got fans talking a few weeks ago when he posted a tweet (which he almost immediately deleted). In that temporary post, the Canadian apparently suggested a stable Mount Rushmore reunion with Adam Cole and the Young Bucks.

Owens then got people to argue in another way as well when he changed the location of his Twitter bio to "Almost there". But in the meantime, his cryptic messages have definitely changed. In the past few hours, in fact, a fan has released a video clip of Kevin Owens who enters the SmackDown ring.

Along with the short film, he then posted a caption in which you can read: "Kevin Owens looks more miserable every time we see him". But the Prizefighter didn't react to this footage. Instead, he did it against a tweet in response to the clip that said, "When you create a narrative, you'll see it everywhere you look." And here came the KO like.

Kevin Owens seems to have been lost in the shuffle in WWE

But that is not all. Kevin Owens has in fact also liked another tweet, which was published in response to the fateful clip and which states: "Plus when Kevin Owens sees a narration that fans are doing about him, he will lean on it with every opportunity." An elegant way to say that the Canadian is doing nothing to disprove the rumors of fans about him, even the most imaginative ones According to reports in America, it has been reported that his current contract with WWE will expire in January 2022.

So there may actually be only a few months before its federation change. On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell discussed the aforementioned hints and shared his thoughts regarding the situation.

"Regardless of whether he's on his way out or not, I would think that WWE would say something about that Tweet that he put out if he was going, if they didn't think they could retain him. But that's advertising another company and at this point he is still working for WWE and that would be their point of view.

They may have told him to put it out because 'we are gonna renew you' but who knows. It makes people think," Mantell said.

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