Kenny Omega takes a shot at WWE

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Kenny Omega takes a shot at WWE

All Elite Wrestling may also be born in 2019, but it has grown very quickly, becoming popular within the business and also putting other wrestling companies in serious trouble with good jobs. We have recently seen the debuts of some high-profile superstars who have been able to thrill fans, such as Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson and especially CM Punk who has been away from the scene for several years.

This popularity gained by the company of Tony Khan is something not to be underestimated because it could potentially be dangerous for the WWE, which in any case for historical importance, will probably always remain number one, or at least for a few more years.

Chris Jericho stated Kenny Omega was the best wrestler last year and praised PWI for getting it right in their 2021 PWI Top 500 list. In this year's list of the Top 500 wrestlers, PWI crowned AEW World Champion Kenny Omega as No.

1, whereas WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns ended 2nd.

Kenny Omega slams WWE

Interviewed by Tokyo Sports, the current AEW champion, Kenny Omega, spoke about the recent explosion of All Elite Wrestling in the world of wrestling, saying that it certainly sent WWE into crisis.

These are his words: "In the beginning, there was a huge gap between WWE and AEW. AEW was just a fledgling promotion, after all. But do you understand how things have changed? WWE is desperate. reporting legends every two weeks.

COVID is a terrible thing, and we never wanted it to happen, but it is what it is." We remind you that Kenny Omega was elected best fighter of 2021 in the PWI 500 ranking, beating even Roman Reigns who finished second.

A Roman Reigns Omega would like to challenge: "[…] I'd love to go up against (current WWE Universal Champion) Roman Reigns. It would be a great opportunity to show who the true world champion is." Omega also talked about the fact that he thinks many WWE superstars would like to fight in AEW right now: "There will definitely be many more of them coming in the future.

I feel that about 90% of the wrestlers in WWE would like to jump into AEW." This is the second time Omega has been awarded the top wrestler in PWI ratings. During an episode of the PWI podcast, he spoke about how The Head of The Table could have easily been ranked No. 1 this year.