Bo Dallas becomes a cook


Bo Dallas becomes a cook

In the last year, WWE has done without dozens and dozens of athletes, with releases that have been many, as they had been last year, when the world pandemic exploded overnight, blocking in fact all the shows of the federation and closing the doors to fans of the WWE Universe, who returned only in July of this year.

Among the many wrestlers released by the company this year, great characters from the past and present of the WWE rings have also emerged, such as Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, Lana or Bo Dallas. Just the former NXT Champion, appeared to be absent from WWE televisions for several months, over a year, with the latter's inactivity that had forced WWE to include him in the list of released, having no plans for him in the long run.

Apparently, Dallas' now found his way out of the world of wrestling, with cooking, his great passion, which would become his number one project, with his Youtube channel that will now be home to his videos- favorite recipes (and more).

Bo Dallas is dedicated to cooking

NXT has been airing some vignettes as of late hinting at a return. Cagesideseats have stated that it could be Bo Dallas or Robert Roode. However, with Roode returning to RAW this week, he could be taken out of the equation.

Speculation about the person being teased for a return to NXT at TakeOver 31 has focused on Bobby Roode and Bo Dallas. In the last few hours, the first video on the channel of the former NXT Champion would be released, with a recipe based on chicken, which according to the former wrestler would be the best we will ever eat in our life.

In the description of the dish, we find the following phrases: "In this video, I teach you how to make the best damn cast iron chicken thighs you've ever eaten in your life! Step by step, I'll walk you through the recipe. The first of many others, here on my Youtube channel.

As well as many of my other passions. Which includes, but is not limited to wrestling, cooking, conspiracies and story-telling. Be sure to sign up today!" Bo Dallas is a former NXT Champion and is still remembered by long time NXT fans as one of the best heels ever to be part of the black and gold brand.

His feud with Neville is one of the best programs in NXT's storied history and having him back would certainly help both his career as well as NXT.