Backstage news on Brock Lesnar's future

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Backstage news on Brock Lesnar's future

In the latest Pay Per View of SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar made his incredible return to WWE and verbally challenged the Tribal Chief of the Roman Reigns company. The two great wrestlers will compete this month at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and there is great anticipation for this match.

At the same time in the last few days Brock Lesnar has made it clear that he is not part of the Smackdown roster but rather that he is still a Free Agent. On the first day of the Draft The Beast Incarnate was not chosen and according to reports PWInsider the wrestler could be this week on Monday Night Raw.

Many think that Brock Lesnar could be the star who will sign with the red brand on the second night of the Draft. Surprisingly, then Brock could become the new WWE Universal Champion at Crown Jewel and then move to Monday Night Raw.

Latest update on Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar made it known on SmackDown that he is a free agent. He was not drafted to any particular brand on Day One of the WWE Draft, which could mean that The Beast Incarnate will not be bound by one brand.

With the passage of people like Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and especially Drew McIntyre in the Smackdown roster tonight there is a need to include prominent stars on Raw and after the names of the first day Draft Brock Lesnar appears perhaps the main candidate to this change.

It should not be excluded instead that Brock Lesnar remains Free Agent and may decide, from time to time, to intervene first on Raw and then on SmackDown. We saw Brock Lesnar first at SummerSlam and then at Madison Square Garden and both he and Roman Reigns have a crucial and common point in Paul Heyman.

It seems likely that their match at Crown Jewel and their feud in general has the main protagonist in Mad Genius. Paul Heyman has played a pivotal role in the careers of both of them and is now at the center of their dispute.

Through a post on social media, Roman Reigns' current advisor recently posted a photo of their meeting at Madison Square Garden and stressed to all his followers that he was the most coveted person in the center of the ring.

It seems possible that in the coming weeks Heyman will represent the protagonist of their feud with the WWE which is ready to amaze all fans of him. With top names like Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre already drafted to SmackDown, RAW will need a big name to keep the brand equal to SmackDown.

Though Brock Lesnar signing with RAW is a possibility, there is a greater chance that Lesnar will remain a free agent and show up at whichever brand he chooses. He did say during his promo on SmackDown that Paul Heyman has helped him remain a free agent so he can do whatever he wants.