Goldberg reportedly has a very lucrative contract

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Goldberg reportedly has a very lucrative contract

One of the historical characters of WCW and WWE, who still fight in the WWE rings despite the golden years of his career have now passed, responds to the name of Bill Goldberg, former world champion of the Turner company and also former world champion WWE, which had a long feud with Brock Lesnar, restarted after more than 10 years, from that famous match at Wrestlemania XX, where the two had both made their last efforts in the WWE rings, only to leave the federation.

After expiring his contract with the McMahons, the two had taken completely different paths, with Goldberg who had just left the world of pro-wrestling and with Lesnar who instead went first to Japan and then found success in MMA, passing also from American football.

After both returning to work for the McMahons, they now both have millionaire contracts with the McMahons, except to fight and appear very few times a year, as their respective contracts have long stated.

Goldberg last wrestled for WWE at SummerSlam 2021

Apparently, it would appear that Bill Goldberg's new contract signed with the McMahons contains a special clause that would force him to appear in the ring at the events the company holds in Saudi Arabia every year.

As revealed in the last hours by the well-known Wrestling Observer, through the words of Dave Meltzer, there would be a very specific agreement in this regard. In the last newsletter of the overseas site, it was in fact reported: "The other match that will be staged will be Lashley and Bill Goldberg, because they can't air it on TV, because Goldberg has a specific deal with Arabia and its shows that is pretty profitable and if they eventually put it on stage.

in another context, he would certainly not be happy. We are talking about millions of dollars of difference. It's not like all the other guys who get paid, whether they are there or not." Although there is still no certainty that we will have a Goldberg vs Lashley in Crown Jewel, with this information we arrive at almost a 100 %, with Goldberg who will most likely do everything to get that bonus that a single match could cost him in a whole year.

Goldberg last wrestled for WWE at SummerSlam 2021 earlier this year. At the show, he challenged Bobby Lashley, who held the WWE Championship at the time. The match ended by referee stoppage because Goldberg was declared unable to compete due to a leg injury. As a result, Lashley picked up the tainted victory.