*Spoiler* Secret script for many superstars after the WWE Draft

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*Spoiler* Secret script for many superstars after the WWE Draft

The WWE Raw episode that aired this Friday brings with it high expectations and a fair amount of mystery. Which, apparently, concerns the same fighters under contract with the Stamford-based company. A great show is expected for this week, as this episode of Raw will coincide with the second night of this year's Draft (started last week on Friday Night Smackdown).

And the same company, according to reports from America, has taken important steps to that effect. In the same way it handled last Friday's SmackDown, WWE is maintaining near-extreme secrecy over Raw's script, at least according to authoritative 'PWinsider.com'

The hugely popular US site reported that many people in the company who "are usually aware of the initial plans for the show are completely in the dark about what's going to happen on Raw." And there are also details on how the same dynamics were handled at SmackDown.

WWE Draft Night 2 wasn't nearly as exciting as the first one. It may be that 3 hours of WWE RAW may get a bit tiresome after a while. It may even be that the first night of the Draft had the element of freshness.

WWE Draft Night 2 will go down in the history book

WWE Draft Night 2 will go down in the history book as a night where a lot of eventful things happened after WWE RAW ended.

Did you know Nox and Shotzi have been split up? And they did not even get the title match that they were owed? Natalya and Tamina have seemingly gone their separate ways following the draft as well! On the sidelines of these rumors, according to which WWE is enjoying keeping its people in the dark about their schedules, there is in fact what would have occurred after last Friday's SmackDown.

During the episode Talking Smack on Saturday, in fact, the WWE announced further choices of the Draft. And, it seems, the latter were absolutely secret. According to what has been learned from 'PWinsider.com', in fact, many of the fighters of the supplementary Draft have learned of their movements through social media.

A source in WWE defended the company for not telling the wrestlers in advance, noting that the Draft moves won't take effect for several weeks. So what the Draft has decided does not involve uncomfortable situations, in which talents will have to change their travel plans at short notice.

The changes to the rosters, in fact, will come into effect in the episode of SmackDown on October 22, the night after Crown Jewel's pay-per-view event in Saudi Arabia.