Isaiah Scott responds to criticism

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Isaiah Scott responds to criticism

As we have seen in the first and for now the only evening dedicated to the WWE Draft, which aired in conjunction with the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE wanted to move an entire stable from NXT to the main roster, calling with the famous "call-up", the entire Hit Row, stable composed by the leader, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, North American champion of the WWE Tuesday night roster and then also by Ashante" Thee "Adonis, Top Dolla and B-FAB.

The four have not yet had the opportunity to express themselves at their best in NXT, also because they made their debut only a few months ago, we are not talking about years like the Undisputed Era, which finally dissolved definitively, with the passage of Adam Cole in AEW and with the firing of Bobby Fish.

At the moment, after their passage on the main roster, there are several insiders and several fans of the WWE Universe, who've already assured that the four will only make a bad impression on the main roster, only to fail sensationally and be separated, like many others.

stable before them, for example, the Retribution.

Isaiah Scott responds to criticism

After several criticisms arrived on social networks but also live, verbally, about their future in that of the main roster, on the side of Smackdown, the leader of Hit Row, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, thought of responding to these words.

Scott, with the secondary champion of the Stamford-based company's Tuesday night show, who in fact posted this tweet on his official profile: "Before you say we will fail, you just need to know that there has never been anything like us before." With these simple but effective words, the North American champion of NXT silenced all the chatter and negativism about the future of Hit Row, which only made an appearance shortly before Friday Night Smackdown and was not even filmed by the cameras of the WWE.

We will see from next October 22, when the Draft moves will be effective, where the now-former NXT stable will be included, in which part of the card and above all what plans the WWE will have for her. As the first pick from NXT in the 2021 WWE Draft, Hit Row faces some huge expectations.

The group formed only earlier this year and was finding its place as one of the main acts in the third brand. B-Fab only had her second match this past Tuesday against Elektra Lopez of Legado del Fantasma. It will be interesting to see Hit Row can replicate their success on NXT in their new home.