Sasha Banks will be a babyface again

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Sasha Banks will be a babyface again

On the Friday Night Smackdown main event, it seems that soon there will be a little shortage of athletes capable of facing the federation's Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, in case the younger cousin of The Rock manages to keep the title of absolute champion of the roster firmly at his side.

In the event that at Crown Jewel, it is Reigns who triumphs and not The Beast, in front of the "head of the table" of the blue show there would be only very few choices, which WWE could make in the following months, with some important athletes who have been moved to Raw and with others who instead should change their attitude to go against the champion.

Apparently, even among the women, the situation would not be better and indeed, it is expected that some great athlete will also change his attitude, in order to go against the champion, Charlotte Flair, otherwise at the mercy of herself, without an opponent just like her male counterpart.

Former SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks paid homage to WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW. The Nature Boy has sent out a special message thanking her for the support. It was announced last night that Sasha Banks will remain on the blue brand as part of the 2021 WWE Draft.

She closed out the show by attacking Becky Lynch, who she's scheduled to face at Crown Jewel in a triple threat featuring Bianca Belair.

Backstage news on Sasha Banks

According to what Dave Meltzer also analyzed, in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it would seem that several clues could lead to the turn face of Sasha Banks, with the well-known overseas journalist who in fact claimed: "On the female side, there are no babyface women at the top of Smackdown, so I assume that Sasha Banks becomes a babyface because the other two women at the top are Charlotte Flair, who absolutely cannot become a babyface and Shayna Baszler, who after what happened on Raw, I think it can be booked in any way, except as a babyface." As Dave Meltzer rightly pointed out, even with regard to the upper part of the Smackdown women's card, there would be a great shortage of top athletes, with some of the federation's heels, which would therefore have to change attitude, to tow the WWE Universe.

and thus go to counter the champion Charlotte Flair or in any case to carry on the most important storylines of the blue show. Could this figure really be Sasha Banks?