Vince McMahon discusses bringing Ronda Rousey into WWE

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Vince McMahon discusses bringing Ronda Rousey into WWE

The performance of Ronda Rousey in WWE has surprised both fans and insiders, although some rumors suggest that 'Rowdy' will leave the company immediately after WrestleMania 35 to create a family. During the fourth quarter 2018 earnings call, Vince McMahon explained the decision to bring Ronda Rousey into WWE: “Again, we can bring people in from the outside to our environment.

It can’t be just a one-off type thing because our audience realizes that’s not going to push the envelope as far as their enjoyment of what we do. Nonetheless, bringing Ronda in gave us more visibility in terms of the initiative of reaching more women.

And when you do something like that it allows you to not just use Ronda’s platform from a different niche to come into WWE, Ronda in of herself becomes a brand of WWE. It’s a different Ronda than what you saw before, in terms of UFC and things of that nature.

When you put talent, rub talent up against Ronda, Ronda can help us make talent, and she’s doing just that." Shortly after she retained her title against Bayley, on the January 28, 2019, episode of Raw, Rousey continued her feud with Becky Lynch (whom had won the Royal Rumble match) after the latter chose to challenge her in a title match at WrestleMania 35.