What's next for Austin Theory?

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What's next for Austin Theory?

In this year's edition of the Draft, WWE also wanted to call some NXT Superstars to take the plunge, to move to that of the main roster, with a few essential names that have made this step, which however could have a great future in the rings of the WWE main roster.

On Monday Night Raw, the former EVOLVE champion also arrived, as well as already Superstar of the red roster during the covid emergency, when he was an ally of Andrade and Angel Garza, in the team with Zelina Vega, before the manager was released for the first time.

We are obviously talking about Austin Theory, who until a few days ago was at NXT, in the middle of the plans of The Way and who instead on Monday was in the Raw ring, attacking Jeff Hardy, after asking him for a selfie, because Jeff was one of his childhood heroes.

As it turns out, WWE has big plans and big plans in mind for its new main roster wrestler, with Austin Theory having a bright future in the Raw rings from now on. According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known site Ringside News, in fact, some members of the WWE crew would have assured that the creative team of the Stamford-based company will have to focus strongly on the former NXT, precisely at the behest of Vince McMahon himself, who is a great admirer of the wrestler's talent.

WWE has big plans for Austin Theory

After seeing Austin Theory taking selfies with Jeff Hardy and hitting him, it seems obvious that there will be a brief feud between the two, before Jeff leaves Raw, with these two weeks of time that could be used to push as much as possible the character from Theory on the main roster.

We recall how the boy is only 24 years old but has already been around the United States for some time to train and fight in the rings of various companies, including EVOLVE, of which he was absolute champion a few years ago.

We'll see how far he wants to push his character, Vince McMahon, if he even wants to raise him up to the main event of Raw, where there is a babyface champion (Big E) or if he still wants to make him have big feuds at the top of the show card.

red, before pushing it too far. While Damian Priest is having the time of his life on the WWE's red brand, The Archer of Infamy had a noteworthy run in NXT. Initially debuting as a monster heel, Priest soon turned into a good guy following his praiseworthy match against Finn Balor at TakeOver: In Your House (2020).