A big problem emerges for Roman Reigns


A big problem emerges for Roman Reigns

The most important character on WWE's Friday night blue show, Friday Night Smackdown, is undoubtedly the Tribal Chief, the company's Universal Champion: Roman Reigns. After winning the title, in last year's edition of Payback, after a surprise return to Summerslam, for having spent several months out of the scene because of the covid, the former Mastiff of the Shield had begun to create his empire, making himself supported by his cousins, the Usos and by the manager as well as private adviser, Paul Heyman.

After what has been seen in the last two episodes of Raw and Smackdown, it seems that the WWE could begin to have serious problems in the next period, with the Tribal Chief who could be left without a credible opponent, as never in recent history of the company.

After seeing several prominent names move to Raw, such as Seth Rollins or Big E, in the event that Reigns should remain champion even after the clash with Brock Lesnar, there would be very few opponents ready for him.

New details on Roman Reigns' future

As analyzed in the last hours by the well-known Dave Meltzer, in one of the Wrestling Observer Newsletters, it would seem that the WWE has very few choices in the event that Brock Lesnar does not parade the title to the Tribal Chief in that of Crown Jewel.

If according to what has been declared by various sources, in unsuspected times, Roman Reigns were to keep the title until the second clash with Lesnar, in Wrestlemania next year, in fact: "The main names of Smackdown are very few.

If Roman Reigns manages to get past Drew McIntyre, the next level up are Sheamus and Happy Corbin as heel or Nakamura and Jeff Hardy as a babyface." If WWE in the meantime fails to bring out any other talent from mid-carding, it seems that Roman Reigns will remain without an opponent, with the Tribal Chief continuing his reign unchallenged, having beaten anyone who stood in front of him, from Daniel Bryan to Edge, through Cesaro and John Cena.

Now in WWE, there is a shortage of solid main eventers, like never before in the history of the company. The WWE Universe witnessed an incredible battle between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre at WWE Survivor Series 2020. Being the Universal and WWE Champion, respectively, the two faced each other in a "Champion vs. Champion" match, and Reigns picked up the victory with some heelish tactics.

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