Booker T opens up on The Street Profits

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Booker T opens up on The Street Profits

The Street Profits have reached the top of the tag team category and look forward to a bright future ahead of them. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins once held the Raw Tag Team Championship (with a 224-day reign) and once the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (with an 88-day reign).

When they played at NXT, they won the NXT Tag Team Championship and quickly got into the crowd. They also performed in Evolve, where they once won the Evolve Tag Team Championship. On the second night of WWE Draft 2021, Street Profits were recalled alongside Raw, just a year after their move to SmackDown.

They were the number 7 call to this year's Draft, while in 2020 they were the second choice. The WWE has decided to separate the couple formed by T-Bar and Mace, but - according to some reports - it is not excluded that the roads of Ford and Dawkins will take different directions in the near future.

As part of his 'Hall of Fame' podcast, WWE legend Booker T expressed his judgment on this exceptional tag team and warned the Stamford-based federation. The Street Profits are one of the most popular tag teams in all of WWE at the moment and are right up there with the likes of RK-Bro and The New Day in terms of popularity.

Booker T on The Street Profits

“We've all noticed that Montez Ford has considerable potential as a single wrestler as well. The guy is really talented, but I don't think Street Profits are ready to part ways. I feel they haven't been together long enough and it wouldn't be a fair move to split them.

Such a decision would have a strong impact especially on the career of Angelo Dawkins, who should look for a new position within the company. I think this tag team is more important for Angelo than for Montez. If they were to break up, Ford would have no problem shining as a single wrestler, while for Angelo Dawkins it would be more complicated" - explained Booker T.

On September 26th, at Extreme Rules, Street Profits were defeated by Usos in a match valid for the SmackDown duo titles. The team of Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford have won the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Titles in the past and that just goes on to show that The Street Profits will be successful regardless of whichever brand they end up in.