Peyton Royce had a wish prior to her release


Peyton Royce had a wish prior to her release

During this terrible two-year period in WWE, we obviously speak of 2020-2021, the Stamford-based company has gone to release dozens and dozens of athletes, due to the covid and the situation linked to it, which led the McMahon-owned federation to do drastic cuts, both in the athlete sector, both in that of insiders or that of the Stamford offices.

Among the many released by the WWE, in this period also the IIconics, former tag team champions of the main roster, who initially seemed to have a fairly rosy future in the McMahon rings and who instead have always been slowly put aside, for instead favor other athletes, with the two being discarded from every main idea of the two main WWE rosters.

Cassie Lee (f.k.a. Peyton Royce) has opened up about the “overwhelming feeling” she experienced after her final WWE match against Asuka. In her latest interview, Peyton Royce, who returned to be called by her real name after her release in WWE, or Cassie Lee, returned to talking about her last stint in WWE, when the company had already separated her from Billie Kay, also now with a new name, that of Jessica McKay, her real name.

Peyton Royce wanted to return to NXT

In fact, Cassie told SB Nation: "I asked to come back (to NXT ed). It was what I aspired to and I was told it was okay. And then, I was released." After she managed to get a promise from the management that the 'reported to NXT, a serious lack of creative plans for her, prompted WWE to release the athlete, as happened with many other athletes, who have slowly seen their character disappear from the rings that matter and the storylines that matter, to eventually be fired.

Despite everything, the IIconics managed to hold the WWE tag team champion titles for 120 days, when the title was defended in all three rosters of the company and also entered the 50 best tag teams of the PWI magazine of 2020, which is not something for all female teams, especially WWE ones.

Asked if she could relate to Peyton Royce's feelings after the Asuka match, Jessica McKay discussed her struggles following their tag team split. “The split was rough,” McKay said. “I didn’t know who I was as a singles competitor and that was very confronting, having Cass not with me anymore.

I remember I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll have to walk to the ring and she’s not gonna be to my left, so don’t look to your left, or don’t hold your hand out because she’s not gonna be there. You’re gonna look weird.’”

Peyton Royce