Gable Steveson struggles to find his place

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Gable Steveson struggles to find his place

United States Championship: Damian Priest (c) Vs Jeff Hardy The Charismatic Enigma tries them all and comes close to success after a nice Whisp In The Wind !!! Priest manages to overturn the TWIST OF FATE ... BUT JEFF REACTS AND EXECUTES THE TWIST OF FATE ...

SWANTON BOMB TO SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... DAMIAN OVERTURNING ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! INCREDIBLE!!! PRIEST REMAINS US CHAMPION !!! Is it too premature to have Gable Steveson on the main roster already, or does he need a run in NXT? Will he take to the business as quickly as Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey did and rise to the very top? Will he be overwhelmed under the bright lights and succumb to the pressure? Will he cut promos or will there be someone speaking for him?

Gable Steveson made headlines in September 2021

Gable Steveson has been making headlines since he secured the gold in freestyle wrestling at Olympics Tokyo 2020.

During his conversation with MMA Fighting on SBN, Steveson revealed that Brock Lesnar has been helping him with the right direction, but he didn’t reveal what that direction was. “Almost definitely. Brock is a big influence, you know.

He’s had his input on things I want to do. I mean, he’s told me a while ago what should I not do and what should I do. You know, Brock’s been there for a long time and he’s pointing me in the right direction.

And he’ll make sure I always go the right way”. Just like Extreme Rules, Damian and Jeff hug! The Charismatic Enigma is interviewed and gives a final farewell to the RAW audience ... AUSTIN THEORY IS COMING !!! The newcomer would like to take a selfie with Jeff ...

BUT IT'S A TRAP AND RUNS THE AST !!! At that point, Austin takes the phone and ... Selfie !!! Backstage we see RK-BRO RAW COUPLE CHAMPIONS being interviewed! Riddle praises his friend for him and is ready to silence AJ and Omos at Crown Jewel.

The Viper changes plans and challenges Omos for tonight! Riddle's face says it all ... And on these particular images the first part of RAW ends! Bobby Lashley had some really good things to say about Steveson. That’s not all, as Gable Steveson was made a very good offer by The All Mighty.

The former WWE Champion, in an exclusive interview with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling, spoke about the prospects of the Olympian joining WWE. “He has so much potential that he can do whatever he wants to do right now.

So I got to take my hat off because I watched him at the Olympics and he looked incredible. I'm not trying to pull him this way because he is young. He is 21 years old, he can go fight if he wants to and get that out of the system."