Big E told the WWE Universe that RAW was his show

The Scottish Warrior said he was proud of Big E

by Simone Brugnoli
Big E told the WWE Universe that RAW was his show

The second part of the red show opens with the second round of the Draft! RAW buys SETH ROLLINS and the US DAMIAN PRIEST CHAMPION, while Smack buys the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION KING NAKAMURA and RICK BOOGS along with SHEAMUS!

The furious Shayna -Dana Brooke Vs Shayna Baszler The Queen Of Spades immediately aims for Dana's arm and closes her in the KIRIFUDA CLUTCH ... AND BROOKE GIVES !!! Shayna doesn't seem full and attacks Dana again! The scene of the last few weeks is about to repeat ...

BUT DOUDROP ARRIVES to save Dana, while Shayna leaves! Backstage we see THE USOS COUPLE CHAMPIONS and PAUL HEYMAN, with the latter happy that the Bloodline has remained intact. However, when asked by Patrick if this is why Brock Lesnar remained a free agent, the two Samoans get angry at random and leave ...

So, nonsense ... -Mansoor & Mustafa Alì Vs Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo Despite months of rivalry, the two Mexicans become a couple and manage to win their match !!! I'm not talking about the match because the evening is long, the report is long and I don't want to waste time!

Third round of the Draft! KEVIN OWENS and the couple AJ STYLES & OMOS, while Smack takes SHAYNA BASZLER and newcomer XIA LI from NXT! Big E made his way to the ring and told the WWE Universe that RAW was his show now. He wasn’t happy that New Day broke up during the Draft once again.

He invited Drew McIntyre to come out soon after.

Big E told the WWE Universe that RAW was his show

In the ring, we immediately find the WWE CHAMPION BIG E! The great Hector greets the audience and remembers his defensive title seven days ago, stating that now he will have a new opponent ...

AND ARRIVES DREW MCINTYRE! The Scotsman remembers becoming a new SmackDow athlete and congratulates Big E, before officially challenging him! The DIRTY DAWGS comes to bother, with Ziggler demanding thanks after hen the two athletes in previous years.

Big and Drew seem to agree, but Roode starts to insult and then the Scotsman and the ex-New Day immediately wants a couple match! -Big E & Drew McIntyre Vs Dirty Dawgs The Scotsman suffers the offensive of Roode & Ziggler and, after moments of trouble, manages to give the tag!

Big E enters and smashes it all, close to victory! Dolph also comes close to success after a ZIG-ZAG and a Rollup, while Drew manages to knock out Roode! Big avoids the SUPERKICK and gets ready ... BUT DREW TAKES THE CHANGE ...

CLAYMORE ON ZIGGLER AND EVERYONE AT HOME !!! Big E glares at McIntyre and performs the BIG ENDING ON ROBERT ROODE! Meanwhile, Drew observes the WWE belt and returns it to Big E, while the latter asks for a titled challenge for Crown Jewel, with the Scotsman accepting!

Backstage we see the 24/7 CHAMPION REGGIE chased by everyone in the parking lot and in the locker room, while APOLLO CREWS manifests to the COMMANDER AZZEZ all his joy for being in RAW!

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