Raw: Shayna Baszler continues to demolish her opponents


Raw: Shayna Baszler continues to demolish her opponents

The third and final part of RAW opens in the ring where KEVIN OWENS arrives, but the Canadian is interrupted by AKIRA TOZAWA !!! ??? The latter welcomes KO and says he is ready to challenge Reggie (and sti ...)! Owens rightly performs the STUNNER and goes!

Fourth round of the Draft! RAW comes to STREET PROFITS and FINN BALOR, while to Smack there are VIKING RAIDERS and RICOCHET! Backstage we see NIKKI ASH charging with RHEA RIPLEY to defend the couple belts! -Women's Tag Team Championship: Nikki ASH (c) & Rhea Ripley (c) Vs Natalya & Tamina Nattie and Tamina dominate the Nikki and the Canadian tries the SHARPSHOOTER ...

BUT ASH GETS FREE AND GIVES THE CHANGE TO RHEA !!! The Aussie dominates, while the little female superman takes a nice dive outside the ring! Rhea takes Tamina ... RIPTIDE AND ... SPLASH ACCOMPANIED BY NIKKI !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3!!! Poor Dana Brooke.

During WWE Draft Night 2 this week on RAW, Shayna Baszler decimated her opponent, giving her no respite at all. Shayna Baszler stands out as a dominant force of nature in a cast of cartoonish PG characters, and we love every single second.

Raw: Shayna Baszler decimated her opponent

NIKKI AND RHEA REMAIN CHAMPIONS !!! Fifth round of the Draft! RAW goes to KARRION KROSS and ALEXA BLISS, while to SmackDown there are ANGEL GARZA & HUMBERTO CARRILLO and CESARO!

GOLDBERG arrives in the ring, who wastes no time and immediately calls Lashley! Arrives on the stage BOBBY LASHLEY, who reiterates that he hit Cage without wanting to and that he wants to challenge Goldberg to Crown Jewel in a No Holds Barred Match!

Da Man seems to thank Bobby and promises that he will kill him! Lashley does not seem to have finished and says that I'm going to hit him son of him with all the intentions in the world ... CEDRIC ALEXANDER & SHELTON BENJAMIN are coming ...

BUT GOLDBERG IS FREE ... SPEAR ON ALEXANDER AND BENJAMIN !!! Goldberg celebrates, while Bobby laughs sarcastically! Backstage we see SETH ROLLINS singing and dancing to be back in RAW; also, he invites good Kevin Patrick not to mention Edge!

-New Day Vs Hurt Business Match almost one way, with Woods on fire and that Cedric back after a nice FLYING ELBOW DROP !!! Post-match, the STREET PROFITS arrive and we celebrate as if there was no tomorrow! In the ring we find RK-BRO, with Orton calling Omos!

AJ STYLES & OMOS calmly arrive and the Phenomenal says they don't care about Randy and they'll be champions again! Omos refuses Randy's challenge and starts a little fight where the Viper reacts and RKOs AJ !!! Last round of the Draft! CARMELLA and Olympic champion GABLE STEVENSON go to RAW, while RIDGE HOLLAND and SAMI ZAYN go to Smack!

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