Vince Russo comments on Finn Balor's status


Vince Russo comments on Finn Balor's status

As all wrestling fans will know by now, Finn Balor was transferred to Monday Night Raw following the 2021 Draft. After suffering his first-ever defeat on the main roster playing the character of 'Demon', Finn was not involved in any major storylines so far.

Furthermore, no explanation has yet been given about the mysterious circumstances that led him to surrender to Roman Reigns in the pay-per-view Extreme Rules. Given that the two superstars are now on different rosters, it seems that the entire feud between the two is destined to be removed as if nothing had happened.

That said, there is a persistent rumor that the former Universal Champion is ready to start a rivalry with Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. During the latest edition of 'Legion of RAW' on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo admitted that he is not a big fan of Finn Balor's 'normal' character.

Vince Russo opens up on Finn Balor

“I've always liked the character of 'Demon' Finn Balor, I find it interesting and spectacular for the audience. It's also a lot of fun” - explained Russo. “As for the normal character of him, I don't find anything special about it.

I'm sorry. I only hope that adequate planning will be ensured in the coming months” - he added. The discussion then moved on to Kevin Owens, who represents a missed opportunity for WWE in Russo's judgment. “They threw a huge chance to the wind with this guy.

The nickname they gave him, 'The Prizefighter', has nothing to do with the character we have seen over the years. It turned out to be a big mistake in retrospect. I think KO should have been presented to people as a normal guy, the perfect family man, I don't know if I understand the idea.

He likes to sit at the table and drink beer in the company, he loves to fight and will always give his best to get to victory. He should have embodied that kind of character, instead, they ruined him." After an unsuccessful attempt at the Universal Championship on SmackDown, Finn Balor got an instant rematch for Extreme Rules 2021.

This time, however, it won't be The Prince - it will be The Demon. The match-up is a great one, especially since Roman Reigns and Balor have had incredible bouts virtually every time they faced off. Their most recent Universal title bout on the Blue brand was another example of that.

However, there is one big problem - Finn Balor is highly unlikely to beat The Tribal Chief, and one could argue that it isn't the right time or place for him to do so either.

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