Latest update on Braun Strowman's future

Braun Strowman was fired in the summer by WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest update on Braun Strowman's future

Braun Strowman was fired in the summer by WWE which from 2020 to today has decided to remove some superstars from the company in an attempt to save a lot of money. According to reports from Fightful Select in his time, the contract of the Monster that walks among men would have been worth from 1 million dollars to 1.2 million dollars a year.

Strowman, once the 90-day non-competition clause expired, fought his first match outside the McMahon company, against another former WWE, EC3. Not only that, because in fact, it seems that several companies are interested in hiring him, such as IMPACT and obviously AEW, but perhaps for him the road could take an almost unexpected turn.

Backstage news on Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman defeated former WWE Superstar EC3 at The Narrative II: The Monster In Us All event on Saturday. Braun Strowman was released by WWE on June 2, 2021. 'The Monster Among Men' was a big name in WWE.

His release wasn't something fans had expected. Strowman later announced his first match following WWE release against EC3 at The Narrative II: The Monster In Us All show. Ringside News, the well-known American news site on our beloved discipline, lets us know that it has been asking around about the rumor that the giant was returning to WWE to rejoin his old friends.

The response was as follows: "A regular team member [WWE ed.] Told us that 'if WWE made an offer to Braun Strowman, he would immediately return to the fold.' Obviously, this did not happen." In addition, it was also added: "'There has been no offer, and there is no interest' in bringing Braun Strowman back.

His 90-day non-competition clause has expired, and he is now on his next adventure in professional wrestling." So it seems that WWE has no interest in having Braun Strowman back on its roster, even now that the usual routine on tour has been resumed a bit with the live audience that has often appreciated the giant, especially the audience formed by the little ones.

We just have to wait and see where she will actually go to work, while in the meantime her partner Raquel Gonzalez continues to dominate as a champion at NXT 2.0 and in the meantime she shows herself with Braun on social media in small moments of daily life as a couple.

Braun Strowman's release came as a surprise to the WWE Universe. He defeated WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 last year and had a brief run with the belt. No one in their wildest dreams would've imagined that Braun's release was mere months away.

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